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…transforming addiction and trauma into lives of meaning

A Note from Our CEO

Dr. Bob Beare, PhD, LPC-S

Getting into the deeper waters requires surrender and connection with a community of folks who know something about the “V” word…. Vulnerability. It is the key to transformation, healing, and building a life of meaning and joy. A strong and safe container is required for this kind of intimacy to be attained. Most of our wounding came in relationships and groups, so the healing must be done through interaction with others who are committed to this work.

Welcome to the Deep Waters where the healing is heart to heart and, though most of us have advanced degrees, multiple certifications, and licenses, please do not hold that against us! We are deeply “clinically informed” and “evidence based”, but we are boldly against models that are built to medicate, mask symptoms, and ultimately can block the ability for healing. Our commitment is to continue to do our own inner work as a team, so that we can empower our clients to live life authentically and with their own chemistry.

But recovery from drugs and alcohol is only the very tip of the iceberg…there are many ways to adjust our chemistry that are detrimental to living an authentic life. I have more personal experience with process addictions than anyone needs, but I’m grateful for the support I’ve received and the wisdom of the trailblazers especially in the areas of codependency and love addiction.

In my own recovery, I have found…

“Trauma resolution IS relapse prevention.”

– Dr. Bob Beare Ph.D, LPC-S

“We absolutely insist on enjoying life.”

– Bill Wilson

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Welcome to The Recovery Crew Podcast, where host Dr. Bob Beare discusses topics such as addiction, trauma, vulnerability, and healing with the goal of helping the listener identify their own creative fire as we all navigate through life’s waters. Listen in every week to receive candid insight from Bob, and featured guests.

Trauma: We all have it.

It’s running the show.

Let’s heal it together.

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