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Deep Waters Recovery Network

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We facilitate experiential, community-based interventions for dependency and trauma. Community-based means facilitated by individuals who have personally experienced the journey and are now living lives of passion and meaning.

Though many of us are licensed professionals, we are not clinically or pharmaceutically oriented. These approaches are insufficient in addressing the MONUMENTAL CRISES and epidemics we face. In fact, when exclusively applied, these approaches are perpetuating the problem. Deep Waters Recovery Network provides a variety of effective addiction and trauma solutions.

What is addiction? One definition is: “Maladaptive ritualized pleasure-seeking”. If it has become obsessive and interferes significantly with life, it is an addiction. Some of these are: Drugs, Alcohol, Codependency, Sex, Love, Food, Gambling, Tech, and Work.

What is trauma? Abuse, Critical Incidents, Abandonment, Neglect, and Enmeshment all are types of trauma that can manifest as depression, anxiety, and a variety of other problems. Often, we try to self-medicate the trauma and the cycle becomes worse and worse.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction or the effects of trauma, we are deeply committed to helping.

Things we do

  • Provide addiction and trauma treatment.

  • Facilitate sustainable recovery and trauma healing workshops.
  • Referrals to effective addiction treatment solutions and sober living.

  • Provide resources and experiential training for the growth of this healing movement.
  • Produce dynamic and informational media (Podcasts, Online Trainings, Blogs)

“Trauma resolution IS relapse prevention.”
– Dr. Bob Beare Ph.D, LPC-S

“We absolutely insist on enjoying life.”
– Bill Wilson

Latest Podcasts

Welcome to The Recovery Crew Podcast Series, where hosts Brad Powell and Dr. Bob Beare discuss topics such as addiction, trauma, vulnerability, and healing with the goal of helping the listener identify their own creative fire as we all navigate through life’s waters. Listen in every weekday to receive candid insight from Brad, Bob, and featured guests.

Meet The Founder

Dr. Bob Beare, Ph.D, LPC-S is in long term recovery and has been a leader in the mental health and addiction field for 20 years.

He holds advanced degrees in music, theatre, clinical psychology, and organizational psychology.

He is a professional actor and singer, and founder of The Brave Heart Experience (men’s intensive healing workshops).

Beare is the author of The Creative Fire: 10 Weeks to Emotional and Creative Fitness.

He is a licensed counselor supervisor and is Senior Clinical Consultant at several treatment centers.

Healing Dependency and Underlying Issues

Trauma: We all have it. It’s running the show.
Let’s heal it together.

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