Addiction and Trauma Help Resources


In addition to our intensives and groups, Deep Waters collaborates with the best inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. We only refer to facilities that have a community-based, recovery immersion, sustainable treatment focus.

Sober Living

Just getting sober is not enough. A sober lifestyle must be maintained. We are partners with the very best high accountability sober living homes in Central Texas. Contact us now for a solid referral.

If you or a loved one need help now, or would like to speak with Dr. Beare personally

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Our Intensive Advanced IOP Experience.


Community Programs

Deep Waters and all our partners are committed to sustainable recovery, therefore all programs are designed as a launching pad for a lifetime of recovery. Here is a list of community recovery programs that are specific to each addiction. Each has a link to your local meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous –
For anyone with alcohol problems

Alanon/Alateen –
For family members

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA) –
The very best community-based resource for healing from trauma

Narcotics Anonymous –
For anyone with drug problems

Cocaine Anonymous –
For anyone with cocaine problems

Food Addicts Anonymous (FA) –
The most effective program for food addiction

Gamblers Anonymous –
For anyone with a gambling problem

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –
For anyone with love attachment problems

Sex Addicts Anonymous –
For anyone with sexual acting out problems

There are support programs specific to marijuana, heroin, work addiction, codependency, compulsive spending and debating, underearning, and more. Contact us for information.