Deep Waters Recovery Program

An Advanced IOP Experience for Addiction and Trauma


Sustainable Recovery Immersion


Experiential Trauma Resolution


Creative and Vocational Empowerment

Addiction and trauma are powerful and lethal – it takes a strong and sustained intervention to ensure long term freedom.

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The Program

This is a 3 month to one year program – 10hrs per week

Three groups and one individual per week

Weekly addiction recovery group

Advanced level Recovery Specialists facilitate this dynamic group to deepen understanding of the severity of addiction.

Weekly trauma resolution group

These 2-hr experiential process groups use psychodrama, bioenergetics, breathwork, and other interactive techniques to heal trauma.

Weekly individual psychodynamic therapy

Individual sessions by licensed Master’s and Doctoral level experiential psychotherapists. The approach addresses underlying trauma for wellness and relapse prevention.

Vocational/Educational/Creativity/Leadership Coaching

Ongoing employment, academic, and leadership counseling is essential. As we become ourselves by removing the crutch of addiction and by healing our underlying issues, we must recalibrate. Often our natural creativity returns with vigor. College enrollment and/or vocational placement is the focus.

Monthly 3-Day Weekend intensive

The Deep Waters Intensive and The Brave Heart Experience are extremely powerful healing workshops. Participants are launched into the adventure of knowing themselves deeply and transforming the damage done by the addiction.

Mindfulness Programming

Stilling the mind is an essential tool for long term sustainable recovery. We use AcuDetox, meditation, and therapeutic yoga to help clients develop emotional stability.


    • DRUGS – Opioids, Meth, Marijuana, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, Benzos, and others.
    • FOOD ADDICTION – Obesity is usually untreated food addiction and trauma.
    • ALCOHOL – High functioning to advanced and severe use.
    • TRAUMA – Abuse, PTSD, Abandonment, Neglect, Enmeshment.
    • DEPRESSION/ANXIETY/CO-DEPENDENCY/LOVE ADDICTION – Healing the trauma underlying the symptoms.

The Deep Waters Intensive Recovery Program cost is $3000 per month. Scholarships and sliding scale are available for those with demonstrated need.

Most of our services are reimbursable by insurance depending on the policy. A Superbill for insurance is provided monthly upon request.

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