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Transforming dependency and trauma into lives of meaning.

The workshop

The Deep Waters Experience
Upcoming 2022 Dates
November 4, 5 & 6

Dive into Authentic Living

This dynamic experiential workshop is for anyone on the healing and recovery path. The workshop is a strong opportunity to confront fear, shame, and the negative messages that keep us stuck.  Together, through powerful psychodramatic and bioenergetic processes, visualizations, and rituals of transformation we access that true sense of authenticity and creative empowerment. For those struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship difficulties, this process will help you access emotional freedom by healing the underlying trauma.

For those in recovery, IT IS RELAPSE PREVENTION!

The process follows the contour of the “Hero’s Journey” process as described by Joseph Campbell:The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return. The work is deeply informed by the work of Dr. Carl Jung and the 12 steps of Recovery.

The workshop is by donation. We are committed to making this work available to all who are ready to take the deep inner dive.
Accommodations are comfortable and the processes are both indoors and outdoors.


We are excited to welcome you to The Deep Waters Experience

The Experiential Facilitator Training and Certification Program

The program is for anyone who wants to learn tools for interactive leadership and transformational facilitation. This style of work focuses on body awareness, trauma resolution, and action processes.

Next Training Oct 1, 2022

Recover from dependency

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A NOTE from
Dr. Bob

Welcome to the Deep Waters where the healing is heart to heart and, though most of us have advanced degrees, multiple certifications, and licenses, please do not hold that against us!  We are deeply “clinically informed” and “evidence based”, but we are boldly against models that are built to medicate, mask symptoms, and can block the ability for healing. Our commitment is to continue to do our own inner work as a team, so that we can empower others to live life authentically and with their own chemistry.

Getting into the deeper waters requires surrender and connection with a  community of folks who know something about the “V” word…. Vulnerability.

It is the key to transformation, healing, and building a life of meaning and joy. A strong and safe container is required for this kind of intimacy to be attained. Most of our wounding came in relationships and groups, so the healing must be done through interaction with others who are committed to this work.

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