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Then, Stop Doing Sh*t You Don’t Wanna Do – Transform Dependency and Trauma Into Passionate Living

Next Trauma Healing Workshop : Nov 4/5

Learn More About Our Experiential Trauma Healing Workshops and How To Acquire Valuable Skills You Can Use in Your Life’s Work of Facilitating Healing for Yourself and Others? Learn More.

Trauma—we all have it.
Let's heal it together.

Welcome to the Deep Waters where the healing is heart to heart and, though most of us have advanced degrees, multiple certifications, and licenses, please do not hold that against us! We are deeply “clinically informed” and “evidence based”, but we are boldly against models that are built to medicate, mask symptoms, and can block the ability for healing. Our commitment is to continue to do our own inner work as a team, so that we can empower our clients to live life authentically and with their own chemistry.

Getting into the deeper waters requires surrender and connection with a community of folks who know something about the “V” word…. Vulnerability.

Upcoming Events

Trauma Healing Workshop – Experiential Facilitator’s Training

November 4th (afternoon) & 5th (all day)

San Antonio, Texas

This Workshop is for everyone that works with others (that’s everyone!). What if, in a one and a half day workshop, you could release years of trauma, learn to be a more confident servant leader in your life and in the world, and acquire valuable skills you can use in your life’s work?

Our Healing Programs

Each of our workshops offer an opportunity for men and women to find trauma resolution and empowerment.

The Deep Waters Intensive

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship difficulties, this process will help you access emotional freedom by healing the underlying trauma. For those in recovery, it is relapse prevention!

Experiential Facilitator’s Training

This dynamic experiential workshop is for anyone on the healing and recovery path. It is a strong opportunity to confront fear, shame, and the negative messages that keep us stuck.

The Creative Fire
10-Week Online Course.

For anyone who is ready to rekindle the flame of your creativity.  Calling all entrepreneurs, artists, healers (that’s all of us!) to find your genius zone and live a more meaningful, balanced, and healthy life.

The Work


Recovery from substance and behavioral dependencies. We start by cleaning up, adjusting, & calming down our biochemistry, but that’s only the very tip of the iceberg.


Then we heal the trauma that’s lodged in the body. With support, we look at that pain through somatic, psycho-dramatic, and bio-energetic work, then let it go.


Now we surround ourselves with a supportive community who makes it safe to start seeing the vision of what’s authentic for each of us, so we can go for it.

Join a Supportive Community

Joy and grief are the same river. When we get the trauma out of the way, a kind of bliss bubbles up through the entire body. Oh yeah!

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