The Deep Waters
Intensive program.

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship difficulties, this process will help you access emotional freedom by healing the underlying trauma.

For those in recovery, IT IS RELAPSE PREVENTION!

The process follows the contour of the “Hero’s Journey” process as described by Joseph Campbell:

The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return. The work is deeply informed by the work of Dr. Carl Jung and the 12 steps of Recovery.

Accommodations are comfortable and the processes are mostly indoors

The Experiential Facilitator's Training and Certification.

This dynamic experiential workshop is for anyone on the healing and recovery path. It is a strong opportunity to confront fear, shame, and the negative messages that keep us stuck

Together, through powerful psychodramatic and bioenergetic processes, visualizations, and rituals of transformation we access that true sense of authenticity and creative empowerment.